Profile Exchange™

The Profile Exchange™ is a proprietary web services platform for integrating with third-party systems. This service pulls or pushes traveler profile data with third-party systems while converting the data elements back and forth between a standardize SureWare profile format.

Retrieve Profile XML

  • Service to request to retrieve traveler profile
  • Delivers standard SureWare XML profile
  • Supports on-demand retrieval and consumption of profile data
  • Ideal for mobile apps and point-of-sale integrations

Update Profile XML

  • Service to request to update traveler profile
  • Request sends standard SureWare XML profile
  • Supports third-party updates of profile data
  • Useful service for aggregating profile data housed in other systems

Send Profile XML

  • Service to push profile data to 3rd party systems
  • Delivers standard SureWare XML profile
  • Option to convert and deliver in custom format of 3rd party system
  • Streamlines integration process with third-party systems

Learn more about Travel Hub™

SureWare Travel Hub provides complete integration, control and portability of corporate travel data.

For Corporations, Travel Hub provides a centralized database for all employee profile, booking, and credit card data enabling streamlined integration with multiple preferred agencies, GDS, booking tools and credit card providers.

For Travel Agencies, it enables easy, web-based access to corporate and traveler level profiles, with the ability to connect and seamlessly integrate with existing GDS systems and online booking tools.

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