• How long has SureWare been in business?

    SureWare was launched in March of 2004 with a mission of applying proven technology solutions to the unique operating needs of the North American travel industry. With our partners we have 20+ years of combined experience providing highly successful hosted services and solutions.

  • Are SureWare’s solutions operated solely on a hosted basis?

    The business model of SureWare is to provide all of its solutions on a fully hosted basis. We believe that we can add tremendous value by working close with operations and focus largely on building industry connectivity – to global distribution systems (GDS), online booking tools, HR systems, back offices, quality control and corporate reporting tools.

    Although our core model is based on hosted services, we have strived to offer flexibility, and as such, all of our product solutions have options where our clients can operate them in-house.

  • What are your typical implementation cycles?

    The SureWare Travel Hub is usually implemented over a 75-90 day implementation plan.

  • Which GDS do you support?

    SureWare supports all GDS – Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan.

    In the SureWare Travel Hub, profiles are converted and synced to your GDS of choice, with options to convert a single profile into multiple GDS systems.

  • How frequent are profile changes synced with the GDS?

    You have the option to either synchronized profile updates on a real-time basis or batched on an on demand basis. This allows agencies, at their option, to review and approve profile changes before they are uploaded to the GDS.

  • Do you integrate with online booking tools?

    Yes – we integrate with online booking tools via our Profile Exchange service. The Profile Exchange is based on a services architecture, which facilitates the secure, standardized exchange of data between external third-party systems.

    The Profile Exchange works hand-in-hand with the SureWare Travel Hub, but can also be accessed as a separate, standalone service.

  • Do your solutions include reporting?

    Yes – all of our solutions were designed to provide data access and reporting on a real-time basis.

    Our product strategies have focused on tight integration with desktop tools like MS Office with ease in exporting reports into MS Excel and text based files.

  • What profile levels does the Travel Hub support?

    The Travel Hub supports three profile levels – agency, corporate and traveler. A significant structure has been built around corporate level profile data to capture the rich and extensive data that has historically been buried in GDS profiles.

  • Who can access the profile system?

    The Travel Hub system offers five types of user interfaces – traveler, arranger, travel manager, agent and administrator. Each interface type has restrictions on the level and extent of data that the user has access to.

  • Does the profile system support tracking of unused tickets?

    Yes - the Travel Hub system maintains structures for storing and tracking unused tickets at either the corporate or individual profile levels. The unused ticket structure stores tickets in three status options – unused, expired or redeemed.

    Each travel company has the option to map and sync unused ticket data into GDS profiles to support access to this data by agents. Tickets that expire are automatically flagged as expired and removed from the GDS profiles. Unused ticket data can be reported on in a real-time basis from the custom report writer.

  • Can data from the Travel Hub be integrated with other agency systems?

    Yes - the Travel Hub provides a standard web service/API for accessing and integrating data into other agency CRM systems, travel portals, etc.

  • Does your sync utility update Travelport Travelscreen and Interactive World Files?

    Yes – our sync utility has an option to also sync to Travelport Travelscreen and Worldspan Interactive World Files

  • Does your sync utility update Amadeus travel policy section and RY lines?

    Yes – the GDS sync utility for Amadeus also includes options for updating travel policy and RY lines.

  • Do you have a helpdesk?

    Yes – SureWare provides first level helpdesk support to administrators through handling calls and emails from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time Monday to Friday.

  • Is training provided?

    Yes – SureWare training is based on a train-the trainer approach. Each product requires agencies to assign roles as administrator(s) and super user(s)/trainer(s). These roles are then responsible for training all staff in the agency and its corporate clients.

    Administrator and train-the-trainer training sessions are included in upfront setup and implementation fees. Additional training can be provided via web conference, onsite or in our Medfield MA office.

  • Can you convert existing HR, profile and GDS data?

    Yes – SureWare provides a wide range of expertise in supporting agencies and corporations in the conversion and importing from HR systems, existing profile databases and GDS profiles from nearly any source. Including but not limited to XML, MS Excel, MS Access, GDS text files and back office systems.

  • How are your services charged?

    We charge one-time setup and implementation fee, and then a monthly service fee.

    We strive to have a fee structure where your monthly service cost is based on a fixed monthly fee scaled periodically for changes in business volumes.

  • What is a typical term of your contracts?

    The term of our contracts will typically range between 1 to 3 years, depending on the breadth and specifics of your service configuration.

Learn more about Travel Hub™

SureWare Travel Hub provides complete integration, control and portability of corporate travel data.

For Corporations, Travel Hub provides a centralized database for all employee profile, booking, and credit card data enabling streamlined integration with multiple preferred agencies, GDS, booking tools and credit card providers.

For Travel Agencies, it enables easy, web-based access to corporate and traveler level profiles, with the ability to connect and seamlessly integrate with existing GDS systems and online booking tools.

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